On the 2nd and 3rd of February the musicians will perform with a series of concerts at the La Folle Journée festival in Nantes, France.

On the first day, the duet of Nikita Boriso-Glebsky and Georgy Tchaidze will represent the program containing the compositions of Stravinsky, Dvořák, Bartók and Brahms, inspired by the national dancing forms. On the second day Nikita together with the Musica Viva orchestra under the baton of Aleksander Rudin will play the compositions of Tchaikovsky. Later on, the musicians will repeat the chamber program of the first day.

La Folle Journée is a classical music festival which started in 1995 in the French western port town of Nantes. The name of the festival refers to the play by Pierre Beaumarchais The Marriage of Figaro, whose alternative title is The Follies of a Day. As its name, it is one of the most exciting musical festivals in Europe and in the world.

Each year the concept of the festival is based on an exact theme: particularly, La Folle Journée 2019 is devoted to traveling. The repertoire icludes compositions written on the road or inspired by foreign cultures.